By Allowing Beetlelink to work on your vehicle you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions


Our commitment to you lies in our company core values which are ….


  • Our Customers are the focus of everything we do We will continue to strive to ensure our customers are met with exceptional service, while meeting their requirements. What is important is what our customers want, not what we want

  • Integrity is never compromised We will keep our customers informed throughout, carrying out our services with the utmost honesty, thoughtfulness and being respectful at all times

  • Passion and Excellence For us passion means working from your heart as well as your head. Working smartly with a passion that pays full attention detail, working with enthusiasm to achieve excellence and to achieve utmost customer satisfaction

  • Quality comes first Jobs will be undertaken to the highest of quality standards, meeting quality standards will always take precedence over time taken. 

  • We make things happen No matter what the challenges are, we solve them as fast as possible, using our experience and our expertise

  • We do it together Delivering excellent operations needs all our commitment, capabilities and contribution. This makes the difference.


The way in which we work


Classic Volkswagen's:

They are complex pieces of precision machinery which we are privileged to have in our care.

They require expert knowledge and skill that cannot be provided by general garages, or indeed even by general classic car garages.

That’s where Beetlelink comes in.

We have the right knowledge, experience, tools, parts and most importantly, attitude to care for your car in the manner it deserves.

Our expert technicians are passionate, enthusiastic who are themselves owners of classic Volkswagen.

From basic 6 monthly / 3000mile (whichever comes first) servicing to more complex maintenance tasks such as suspension, braking and engine replacement to full restorations, you can be assured that Beetlelink will do the job right first time.

A well-maintained car is a reliable car and reliable cars get used with confidence. After all, what use is a car that doesn’t get used for fear it might break down?

We are constantly searching out the best quality parts we can find as we are often disappointed by some of the cheap, readily available reproduction parts. I'm sure you would agree that it is better to pay, for example, 50% more and get a higher quality part that lasts 400% longer. However, sometimes the poorer quality part is the only one available and we have no choice but to use it.


Booking your car in for work in our workshop:

Due to the nature and volume of the work we do in our workshop, we have had to adopt a slightly unorthodox booking in arrangement.

Old cars, not just old Volkswagens, can be unpredictable with regards the actual work required and even the length of time a specific job will take. For example, a dynamo may come off for changing the inlet manifold and go back on without problems, the whole job taking about 3 hours. However, on the same job, some of the nuts may be too badly rusted for a socket or spanner to grip them, rusty studs may break and have to be drilled out and replaced. If one or more of the rear manifold studs on the cylinder head breaks, the cylinder head has to come off to gain access to repair it, which is a worst-case scenario, but you can see how the same job can take anywhere from 3 hours to 2 days or more!

While we will endeavour to keep to booked in start dates and completion dates, due to the nature of our projects/works at times these dates may overrun. We will inform you of any overruns that are beyond our control.

Restoration Projects:

For any restoration works that have an estimated completion period of more than 15 days, staged invoicing will be applied.

Each stage of work will be agreed up front between yourself and Beetlelink, work performed during this period including parts and sundries will be invoiced at the completion of each agreed stage. Payment is due on the staged invoice before work will commence on any further stages of restoration. If payments are not received as agreed, the vehicle maybe removed from the workshop and storage charges will apply (see Storage Charges below).

Diagnostic / Health Check

The diagnostic/ health check inspection of your vehicle, will be our current hourly rate of £47 plus VAT. The health checks can range from 30 min to 2 hours in duration.

Following the diagnostic/ health check, we will produce a summary of our findings and recommendations on any remedial works.

Before any further works are undertaken beyond the initial inspection, we will communicate the recommended works and approximate prices (this is not a quote) with you and require your signed off consent to proceed. This can be done via email communication if necessary.


Vehicle Parts:

Whist Beetlelink will recommend the best available parts at the time of work being carried out, we cannot be held responsible for manufacture defects that may arise after installation.

Customers responsible for due care and up keep

It is advisable to become familiar with your own vehicle/engine, should something not feel right, have it checked out immediately, do not allow a small problem to become a large problem. Beetlelink will not be held responsible for any damages to vehicles as a result of neglect by customers, following works carried out by ourselves.



Payments shall be paid in full on completion of any work undertaken or the delivery of any goods. Credit cards, Cash or bank transfers are the only methods of payment excepted.

Travel charges may apply for collection of some goods.

Our hourly rate is £47 plus vat.

Beetlelink reserves the right to retain a vehicle or keys until payment is made in full. If a payment is not made within 60 days, Beetlelink can exercise its right to sell the vehicle to recover its debt.


Storage Costs:

Should you put work on hold at anytime or stage payments on restoration projects are not adhered to, vehicles will be removed from the workshop and a daily storage fee of £ 15 per day plus VAT will apply. We reserve the right to cap the number of storage days as we deem necessary. Beyond this date Beetlelink reserve the right to get the vehicle removed off premise at the owner’s cost.


We reserve the right to charge sundries on any invoice for work carried out. This can include amongst other things, Paper towels, latex gloves, degreaser, brake cleaner, lubricants, electrical terminals, nuts and bolts ect.


Although every care is taken to protect your vehicle while in the care of Beetlelink, we cannot be held responsible for any breakage’s during a repair i.e. Broken bolts, studs, fixings ect. Any breakage’s will be notified and repaired or replaced at the owner’s expense.



Although Beetlelink is covered by public liability insurance, we cannot be held responsible for the overall condition of your vehicle. Due to the age of these cars the owner must take reasonable steps to insure the vehicle is kept up to a safe standard. All warning lights must be in operation and observed. Vehicles should be driven in a manner they were designed for. Beetlelink cannot be held responsible for abuse or neglect. The role of Beetlelink is to inspect, diagnose or repair set aspects of air-cooled Volkswagen vehicles as instructed by the owner. It can give no guarantees or warranty to any parts or repairs other than the manufacturers warranty if applicable. Beetlelink can take no responsibility to any area other than that being worked on or previously worked on within 14 days.

Photographs on social media

From time to time we may post pictures of car restoration/repair works done by beetlelink on our social media platforms and websites.



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